Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Big E: The best place you've never been

No, The Big E isn't a Zoo and these aren't the animals that you will see here. There are Kangaroo, but you won't see them hopping around. This sign shows you the different types of BURGERS you can get at one of the many places to stop for food. I had never heard of getting a kangaroo burger... is it even legal  to eat those in the US? I couldn't pass up this opportunity to try something I had never had before, so I went with the cajun alligator burger. The chef asked me if I wanted cheese on it and without hesitation I said yes. But wait, is alligator something you put cheese on? I'm not really sure, but I tried it. It was amazing, and did actually taste a little like chicken, but with some kind of spicy kick to it.

Speaking of out of the ordinary things, we came across a hut that was labeled:

Seems legit. I mean, it's only $1 to go in and if its a hoax, they offer $5,000 back to you. Sounds like a deal to me, no way would they want to be forking over $5,000 to multiple people. It says right on the sign that he is 2,500 pounds. Now that's a big boy right there.

Even though the description of Hercules is right there on the tent, I still wasn't 100% sure what I was going to be seeing. Is it a cow that has a horn just duct-taped to his head? Either way, I was surprised when I walked in to find this guy staring at me:

HOLY COW! Pun completely intended there. I mean that horn was a good 1-2 feet long and actually real. I also thought it was kind of funny how his spots on his side almost spell out "LOL," as if this cow was made to be a joke. He didn't really move the whole time, just started at us as if he was saying, "I know I look ridiculous, so go ahead and take a picture and leave please."

Maybe it was the two 20 ounce beers I had previous to this, but I found the unicorn cow to be one of the best things I had ever seen. There was a sign for the world's smallest horse (48 pounds), but I didn't want to spend an entire dollar to see a small pony, and something that obviously couldn't live up to the unicow. However, they also had a free petting zoo in one of the areas where we discovered this weird guy:
It's almost as if a camel and a steer mated and this was what was created. The hump is too awkwardly placed on its back to be a camel, yet has horns. Then I saw that it was from India and it all made sense (I guess). I don't question India too much.

But if you have never been to this place, you really need to get out there. You can get some really awesome beer (20 ounces for $6.75 on almost any kind there), some awesome food, and see some really cool stands there. We found this really cool shower display (cool? shower? display?) that actually blew us away.

For a mere $4,950 (usually $10,000) you can have this ridiculously awesome shower/hot tub/steam room/ bad ass thing. The water rains down on you if you want to shower and lights up. The bottom is actually a hot tun that you can turn on whenever you want and control the temperature on the digital display. You can also somehow turn this into a steam room, though we didn't get to see that done. My favorite part of this thing was the doors. When you opened and shut them, they made a futuristic door sound, kind of like what you would expect on a space ship. Awesome.

I'll definitely be coming back to this place... hopefully with $5,000 cash so I can go home with one of those showers that literally do everything.

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  1. i love the field journalism here. Pics from the Big E, well done!